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Pure Mastic



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Our Story -  A Gum Meant to be Shared

   Our co-founders were born and raised on the coast-line of the Mediterranean, home to a culture that thrives on community closeness and fresh local food. They grew up with family gatherings around the dinner table filled with conversation, story-telling, and laughter. These intimate family meals shared one thing in common: the sweets that concluded them were all made with the same special ingredient harvested on the Island of Chios, mastic.


   For us, mastic is forever associated with cherished memories of laughter, celebration, and joy shared with loved ones. Through Mastiqe, these are the moments we want to share with the rest of the world.



Fun Facts to Share with Your Friends

When someone asks you for a piece of Mastiqe, you ought to say yes. Teach them a thing or two about its history while you're at it!


The Tears of Chios

Our special ingredient, mastic, is harvested on the Greek Island of Chios from the Pistacia Lentiscus trees that grow there.

Mastic falls from the tree's bark in the form of crystalized tear drops, and is thus known as the "tears of Chios."

The Island of Gum

Ancient Greeks first chewed mastic on Chios Island 2,500 years ago to clean teeth and freshen breath. It was the world's first natural chewing gum! Indeed, the English word, to masticate, is derived from mastic.

The importance of mastic to Chios for centuries has earned it the nickname, the Island of Gum.


The Mastic Trees

Mastic Trees grow on the hill sides of Chios Island. Harvesters purify the surface beneath them to ensure the fallen mastic stays clean and is easy to collect.

The special white soil you see around the base of the trees creates a smooth surface for the resinous tears to fall, and helps mastic to solidify into the form used for baking and cooking.

A Culinary Treasure

Mastic is used in traditional dishes throughout eastern-Mediterranean countries to add flavor and texture to treats like ice-cream, puddings, bread, and Turkish-delight.

Mastic has the same cultural importance to people of Greece & Turkey that Pumpkin Pie has to Americans. It is similarly intimately associated with family celebrations and holiday festivities.



No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners

Mastiqe is sugar-free and naturally sweetened with xylitol, natural peppermint, and pure mastic harvested on the Island of Chios. Vegan, non-gmo, and gluten free

Uniquely Satisfying Texture

Mastic provides Mastiqe a unique fun-to-chew consistency and flavor. Breath freshening, very subtly sweet, and far more robust than other gum, Mastiqe is ideal for long-lasting chews and relationships.


Mastic and xylitol together form a formidable tandem in supporting oral hygiene. Mastic has the added benefit of supporting digestive health. This makes Mastiqe the natural choice for post meals or coffee, as well as before seeing someone special.


Pure mastic, xylitol, natural peppermint, gum base, cotton-seed oil.

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